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How to apply coupon to your account

Everyone loves free gifts. If you've received any coupon from us, you can simply use the customer portal to update to your account. The subscription would update immediately. Check below if you've received any coupon code offering the subscription discount (not for add-on)

We don't provide any coupon code via Telecall or SMS. All the coupons we're providing is free of cost.
Login to your customer portal
Click on the subscription to view in detail.

Click on "Edit Subscription".

Enter the coupon code in the field provided.

If the coupon code you've entered is valid then you can see the discounted amount immediately.
Click on "Update Subscription" to make the changes to your account.

If you've received a coupon code for Multi-screen add-on (free or discounted), make sure to add the Multi-screen before proceeding. Check out: How to add "Multi-screen add-on" to your account

Updated on: 17/07/2019

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