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Submit us a problem with the service

Using the application, you can submit the in-app report to us via email and we'll be in touch with you.
Login to Expat Prime app or Web browser.
Select any channel or program.
From the Status Bar, click on the option "?" to get the prompt screen.
Select the option "Something went wrong? Tell us."

Select/Mark the issue you're facing with the service (Tick or untick), then click on "Continue".

It's recommended typing the issue you're facing briefly so that we can troubleshoot the issue from the server end as well.
That will collect the information from your network regarding the server you're on and the internet connection etc.

Once completed, you'll get a prompt screen saying "Your report has been received", click on the option "Continue" to close the info window.

Please don't submit more than one report within an hour, one of the agents would definitely address your report via email. The report is generated under the email which you've used to sign-in to the app/website.

Our LiveChat support is available around the clock and you can simply get in touch anytime for any quick assistance.

Updated on: 17/07/2019

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