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Experiencing buffering or freezing issues

We're offering hassle-free TV service to all our users. One of the most common issue for buffering is due to low internet reception to the device you're using.

Take a quick look at your internet speed using the _website_
You don't need a super-fast internet to use our service but its recommended to have at least 5Mbps (on the above website) for smooth reception of the channels.

If your Internet speed is good, but you still have problems with freezing or jumping pictures, try to logout and login again to reset the streams.

If you have a good Internet speed of > 5 Mbps the problem could be possible interferences if you are using Wi-Fi.

Getting live channels always requires a stable Internet connection because there are no big intervals for cached video. This is why, as stated above, Wi-Fi can sometimes cause problems that could result in freezes and blank screens. You should restart your router once a week or consider using an Ethernet (cable) connection.

If that doesnt help, chat with us from this website.
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Updated on: 12/07/2019

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