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Check internet reception to my device

If you're experiencing buffering/shuttering/screen freezing, check the internet reception/bandwidth to the device you're on.

This results should vary from the speed test website you're using. We consider the bandwidth as the internet speed used by the player to stream the channels.

Login to the service.
Select the channel which you're experiencing the freezing/buffering issues.
Click on the option ? to get the prompt screen.

This will get you a prompt screen and you can click on the option "Show Playback Stats"

This will show you the resolution of the channel you're getting, bit rate of the channel, current bandwidth, and buffered (only on a computer).
Sample Image from a computer device
If the bandwidth reception is more than 3Mbps (at least) then you should be able to receive the service without any interruption.

If your internet connection is >3Mbps then try refreshing your internet router, turn off the internet router (main device) for 3 minutes to clear the cache. Turn back on and check the channels to see if it's still the same issue.

Still not fixed? Talk to our technical expert using the LiveChat button on this website. We're available around the clock.

Updated on: 12/07/2019

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