With Expat Prime, we're providing recording of your favorite program for 20 hours (5 hours if not selected
the Multi-screen add-on €4.99/month).
Here is how you can record using the Expat Prime app.

Login to your Expat Prime app (or from a computer device) with registered email ID and password.
Go to the option Guide from the tab section.

Choose the program which you wish to record.
Only future programs can be recorded, not the current or past programs.
You can go up to 7 days forth and select the program you wish to record.
Click on the program twice for the pop-up screen for confirmation.

Select OK from the prompt screen to add the program to your recording list.
Once the program is added, you'll get a confirmation screen like below:

Select the OK from the prompt screen to close the message.

Recorded programs are available on the "Recordings" section from the main window.

Still confused? Here is our video tutorial (from a computer) to record a program.
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